Miso Film was founded in 2004 by the producer team Jonas Allen and Peter Bose, who started their collaboration on the Swedish thriller and crime series BECK and WALLANDER. The company is behind the successful Danish TV-series THOSE WHO KILL, DICTE and 1864. Miso Film is also located in Norway, where they have produced the film series VARG VEUM and the TV-series AQUITTED, and in Sweden, where  the company just finished the second season of MODUS, a TV-series based on Anne Holts crime novels. On the big screen Miso Film has featured with the Danish thriller success THE CANDIDATE as well as co-produced the Norwegian World War II resistance drama MAX MANUS. 
Furthermore, the company is behind the Danish comedy LONG STORY SHORT, the family films IQBAL FAROOQ based on Manu Sareen’s childrens books and latest Ole Bornedal’s box-office hits: SMALL TOWN KILLERS and THE WAY TO MANDALAY. The company is behind Scandinavia’s first original Netflix series THE RAIN and is currently producing the second season of the popular young adult series. Additionally, the company is finishing Christoffer Boe’s mini TV-series WARRIOR, which is set to premiere on TV 2 in the fall of 2018 as well as the last film in the IQBAL franchise.



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