Miso Film is a production company, which aims to create stories that will attract, inspire, surprise and entertain a global audience, with talent from the world of TV-series and feature films.

Miso Film was founded in 2004, by the producer team Jonas Allen and Peter Bose. Miso Film has since then produced some of the most popular and highly acclaimed films and tv-series across Denmark, as well as through their affiliates in Norway and Sweden.

Miso Film is behind writer and director Tobias Lindholm’s internationally praised series THE INVESTIGATION, Scandinavia’s first original Netflix series THE RAIN, the crime series THOSE WHO KILL and DICTE: CRIME REPORTER, as well as Christoffer Boe’s acclaimed series WARRIOR and FACE TO FACE. 

In addition, Miso Film has produced Ole Bornedal’s drama series 1864 and the feature films SMALL TOWN KILLERS, THE WAY TO MANDALAY, and THE BOMBARDMENT. The company is also behind the series ACQUITTED and WITCH HUNT, as well as MODE and BOX 21 in Norway and Sweden.

Since 2019, Miso Film has been 100% owned by Fremantle, one of the largest producers and distributors of television programmes in the world.



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