Miso Film was founded in 2004 by the producer team Jonas Allen and Peter Bose, who started their collaboration on the Swedish thriller and crime series BECK and WALLANDER. Miso Film is the company behind the successful Scandinavian TV series VARG VEUM, THOSE WHO KILL, DICTE, ACQUITTED, MODUS and the epic drama series “1864” written and directed by Ole Bornedal. On the big screen Miso Film has featured with the Danish thriller success THE CANDIDATE and the Danish comedy LONG STORY SHORT.

Furthermore the company co-produced the Norwegian World War II resistance drama MAX MANUS, the biggest box-office success ever in Norway and the English language feature film GINGER & ROSA, directed by Sally Potter.
Miso Film is currently producing Ole Bornedal’s next feature film SMALL TOWN KILLERS, the family comedy IQBAL FAROOQ & THE SUPERCHIP, the final and last season of DICTE and the second seasons of both ACQUITTED and MODUS.



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